Business Development Expertise Aligned with Your Business Needs and Goals.

Saguaro Professional Services has partnered with Global Business Services to expand to a comprehensive suite for developing companies.

Saguaro is a network of craftsmen and entrepreneurs with a diverse set of domain expertise in the business of building companies. With offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco, Saguaro Professional Services was founded in 2011 to serve new and growing companies. The company offers resources such as business development, operations support, marketing and sales, customer acquisition, influencer marketing, finance and guidance from entrepreneurs to oversee and align the strategic vision of your company through its life-cycle.

Strategic Consulting

Every business has needs outside it’s own core competency. Our suite of solutions help build companies into exponential organizations. Services that are part of Our core competency include:

  • Transitions

    • Generational Transitions
    • Preparing business for sale
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Growth Planning and Implementation
    • Contingency Planning
    • Business Scaling

  • Guidance

    • Budgeting
    • Cash Flow and Management
    • Financial Review
    • Cost Analysis

  • Operations

    • Operations Assessment
    • Conversion to Best in Class Cloud Services
    • Reducing Operational Overhead
    • Best in Class Technology Development

Customer Acquisition (Marketing & Advertising)

It’s a constant challenge to attract and engage with the ideal audience for your products or services. Customer acquisition has traditionally been the hardest part of any business and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) can be one of the biggest spends. Saguaro has partnered with the best new marketing minds who have proven to drive new customer acquisition and retention at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing.

  • Influencer Marketing

    • Build and support influencers
    • Increase monetization/sales of current following
    • Add new verticals of monetization
    • Single portal to develop and manage all social media influence
    • Track and analyse the success of social media campaigns

  • Experiential Marketing

    • Exponentially increase the reach of your brand
    • 200K+ influencer/members with highly desirable demographics
    • Expand customer base with in person events
    • Drive daily foot traffic and social media posts at your location
    • Members engage and post with your brand on social media
    • Create online experiences that result in sales and positive reviews from real customers on Amazon, Yelp and more
    • A fraction of the cost of traditional event marketing

  • Tailored Marketing with the Power of AI & Big Data

    • Machine learning and smart data science evolve your understanding of what customers want
    • Use Big Data sources to know your customer
    • Learn from each touchpoint you have with individual customers
    • Predict optimal service and personalization for each customer
    • Deliver tailored experiences/products for each customer on massive scale
    • Superior customer retention
    • Data-Reactive Inventory purchasing - just in time ordering and fulfillment
    • Reduce unnecessary inventory

  • Branding

    • Create a visual design and message that your audience will fall in love with
    • Attract the widest and most enthusiastic audience.for your offerings
    • Project a more professional image with a superior logo design
    • Attract new customers and investors with professional presentations

  • Best in Class Web Destinations

    • Leading website development
    • Integrated with all social media platforms
    • Drives towards sales
    • Transparent E-commerce solutions
    • Connected to strategic growth goals

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